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Leica TRI100 Aluminum 1/4" Tripod

The key benefit of a good tripod is its stability, robustness and torsional rigidity. With this, durability is not the only argument for the original tripod made by Leica Geosystems. Other substantial benefits are the height stability under load and the minimal horizontal drift. Also not to be underestimated are advantages such as long life, optimal vibration dampening, water resistance, outstanding behavior in solar radiation and their weight in relation to load-bearing capacity.


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Leica TRI100 Aluminum 1/4" Tripod Zoom


  • Small and handy aluminum tripod for everyday use
  • Easy fine adjustment
  • Bubble level
  • ¼” screw on a stable and turnable head plate
  • Transportation length: 0.45m (1.5ft)
  • Working height from 0.40m (1.3ft) to 1.15m (3.8ft including screw-out central pillar)

Additional Information

Manufacturer ID 757938
Model Number TRI100
Manufacturer Leica Geosystems
Applications Leveling and Lasers
Strength Light duty
Materials Aluminum
Clamping Style Flip Levers
Head Flat, Tilting, 1/4" x 20 Thread
Collapsed Length 2 feet (60 cm)
Extended Length 5 feet (1.5 meters)
Points Shoes
Colors All Black
Features Carry Bag

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