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Seco 5.5' Heavy-Duty Quick-Clamp Aluminum Tripod w/Dome Head

Heavy-duty, quick-clamp aluminum tripod with dome head and orange hardware.


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Seco 5.5' Heavy-Duty Quick-Clamp Aluminum Tripod w/Dome Head Zoom


This SECO instrument tripod accommodates 5/8x11 instruments. It has telescoping legs, allowing for setup at various heights. This tripod is ideal for mounting lasers, total stations and auto levels. The tripod extends 66 inches (1.7 meters) and features a dome head.

Additional Information

Manufacturer ID 5311-20-ORG
Model Number 5311-20-ORG
Manufacturer SECO
Manufacturer Product URL
Applications Surveying, Leveling and Lasers, TPS Setups
Strength Heavy duty
Materials Aluminum
Clamping Style Quick Clamps, Positive Clamping
Head Dome, Triangular with 5/8" x 11 Thread
Extended Length 5.5 feet (1.65 meters)
Points Pointed shoes
Colors Orange Hardware, Metallic Legs
Features Wide-Frame Extension Legs, Shoulder Strap

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