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A Sneak Peek at the Allen Precision Equipment Service Center

Have you ever wondered how Allen Precision Equipment is able to turn around instrument repair and calibration orders so quickly? Their expert team of technicians is focused on getting it done right and getting it done on time so your surveying or construction crew can continue to operate efficiently. Whether you need to calibrate a 5-year-old total station or refurbish a 15-year-old data collector, APE can help. Factory trained and certified technicians repair all major brands and models, and rentals are available while yours is in the shop.

Watch the video to learn more, or contact us for more details.



Gerry Barnaby:           Barnaby here. Lucky to have 4 minutes with Allen right here because he is a man on a tear. You've got some gear you've got to service to get out, right?

Allen Baughman:        We have to get it out today.

Gerry Barnaby:           Okay. We want to get a quick behind-the-scenes look at this service center because it's interesting to go behind the scenes and see how stuff gets fixed and/or calibrated. You've got a pretty good sized team here.

Allen Baughman:        Yes, we do. We have four technicians working on the bench and we are looking for more.

Gerry Barnaby:           Okay, well there's the plea for job applicants, right?

Allen Baughman:        Yeah.

Gerry Barnaby:           Let's talk about what sort of stuff you do. You do repair and calibration?

Allen Baughman:        Yes, sir. It's all one piece as far as we're concerned. There's no difference between repair and calibration. It's multiple lines, not just Leica.

Gerry Barnaby:           Okay, but you handle all the service for Leica for what region?

Allen Baughman:        East of the Mississippi.

Gerry Barnaby:           Wow, that's a lot of stuff. Let's talk about the continuing education because I know that you wake up every morning and things have probably changed a little bit as far as the evolution, right?

Allen Baughman:        Leica makes a lot of changes as well as the other manufacturers and we service multiple brands, so not just Leica.

Gerry Barnaby:           I guess the aim is to get it done right and get it done quick, right?

Allen Baughman:        Quick turnaround is important, but right is most important.

Gerry Barnaby:           Absolutely. Let's talk about certifications. What do you guys have?

Allen Baughman:        ISO Certified.

Gerry Barnaby:           I think our four minutes is up. That order's got to get back into the hands of either the surveyor, the contractor, or the engineer because that's the way it works here behind the scenes and we just thought you might want to get a sneak peek.