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An Easy Way to Create Reference Surfaces on a Construction Site

How can you ensure that your construction site fieldwork precisely matches the design model? Intuitive software fully integrated with high-performance sensors and devices is making it easier than you might think.  

For example, the Slopes application in the Leica iCON field software allows you to quickly create reference surfaces based on elevation and grade, which can then be used to set up profile boards to guide excavation and also perform regular comparisons between actual position and design. These reference surfaces can be defined by specifying the grade of your profile and how it is positioned relative to the point and line data in your working area. They can be connected to arcs, lines, or simply single points and offset both horizontally and vertically.

A profile can quickly be created by clicking on the line and defining the required slope inclination and how it is offset from the reference line. Options are available to control the orientation of the reference surface relative to the initial design element. Flip axis, down slope and upslope are all available.

To redefine the slope characteristics at any time, select “Edit Slope” from the toolbox.

Once measurements are initiated, the position of the prism is shown in real time along with the intersection point to the reference surface, perpendicular to the initial reference at the current measured height.

In addition to the prism position being displayed, key measurement data is shown in the info panel including the cut-off fill value (the vertical distance between the current position and the design surface). Data can be viewed in plan mode, as well as a cross-section view, which can be turned on and off. The cross-section is defined by the current position of the prism, perpendicular to the selected reference line. As the pole moves around the surface, the color of the point changes depending on whether it is above or below the created reference surface.

In the 7-inch version of iCONstruct, it is possible to split the screen to see two views at once. This can be utilized in the Slopes application to display the plan view and cross-section view simultaneously. As points are stored, the color indicates whether they are above or below the references surface, quickly providing an overview of the current situation. You can configure the cut-off fill value to be displayed next to the point using the viewing options tool.

Click into the dataset and a profile is immediately created, ready to be checked in the same manner with the same grade and off-set applied.

These tools provide a convenient, fast and effective way to accurately monitor the construction of profiles in the field without having to spend time in the office creating data. The data you need can be created very quickly while still in the field.

Watch the video to see how these tools work.

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