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Behind the Scenes: Meet Leslie Taylor

Leslie Taylor Allen Precision Equipment

If you've ever called the APE toll-free number or dropped by the chat room in the Allen Precision Equipment Online Marketplace, chances are pretty good you've spent at least a little time talking with Leslie. A seasoned sales rep at APE, Leslie is one of the key people behind the scenes. When it comes to product recommendations and answering customer questions, she’s top notch.

What's one thing you might not know about Leslie? She’s a skilled juggler – professionally speaking.

“As soon as I go online every morning, I sign in so that customers visiting the website can see that someone is available to help,” she says. “Customer inquiries usually go to me first. On a busy day, I might get two or three inquiries at the same time. My phone is ringing, the chat box pops up, and then I’ll have someone coming up behind me asking for help.”

What kinds of questions does she enjoy answering the most? All of them.

“Questions can be anything from technical calls on high-end equipment to inquiries about an order, a tracking number, a product recommendation – that sort of thing,” she says. “I try to respond quickly and provide different options. There are sometimes 100 questions before you can find the right solution. I enjoy the interaction. It’s always busy!”

What does Leslie do if she doesn’t have the answer? She asks around until she finds it!

“Collectively, the staff at APE has nearly 200 years of experience in surveying, mapping, and construction, and we all throw our expertise into the pot. We bounce things off each other until we find a solution. It’s all about the customer,” she says. “Customers all have different needs, from a plumb bob all the way up to a state-of-the-art GPS system. I have an extensive desktop resource library and also guide customers through our website as a reference.”

How did Leslie get to be such an expert? She’s spent years learning the ropes.

“I’ve been at APE for 15 years, starting out as a receptionist and then working my way around a few different departments,” she says. “It’s a family atmosphere here, so that made it easy.

"We sell over 3,300 products, so I am always learning, and customer feedback is very valuable. I know what’s popular and what sells – the products people keep coming back to – so that’s what I often recommend. Different manufacturers also stand behind their products more than others, so that’s another factor – if there’s a problem, I know they’ll handle it. It’s an ongoing learning experience.”

Where is Leslie when she’s not helping customers? Probably outside!

“I enjoy spending time on the lake – summer is my favorite season,” she said. “I have two little boys and we go to the park a lot and go hiking. We’re pretty outdoorsy. I also do obstacle courses like the Warrior Dash with my husband a couple of times a year.”

Click on the chat box below to connect with Leslie or one of our other knowledgeable associates who are standing by waiting to assist you with your surveying, construction, or mapping needs, or call us toll free at 1-888-368-5461.