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BIM 101 for As-Builting with the Leica DISTO D330i

For companies that are just getting started in building information modeling (BIM), the variety of hardware and software that is used to connect the real world with the digital world can seem intimidating. However, BIM doesn't have to be complex. Leica Geosystems' BIM Business Manager Cathi Hayes demonstrates how the Leica DISTO D330i, an inexpensive and easy-to-use handheld laser measurement tool, ties directly into Autodesk Revit to provide a BIM 101 solution for as-builting. 

Watch the video to learn more, or contact us for more details.



Cathi Hayes:   Hi. I’m Cathi Hayes, BIM Business Manager at Leica Geosystems. Today we’re going to talk about BIM 101 for as-builting, and we’re going to take the DISTO D330i and as-built directly into Revit. We’re going to go ahead and get started now.

We’re here at the Las Vegas Convention Center and we have our Revit 3D model here in the computer. As you can see, we’re working in a 3D environment. Now we’re just going to move to our floor plan view where we’re going to zoom in to our booth where we’re standing, and now we’re going to start as-builting.

We simply pick our wall tool and we’re going to start drawing our wall. We’re going to set our direction, and now we’re going to start collecting information. We do this wirelessly with Bluetooth.

The first thing we do is we take our dimension by pressing the distance button, so let’s get started. We’ll take our first dimension here, just press the red button. We see that we have a dimension of 9 feet and now we’re going to press the Bluetooth button and watch what happens on the screen. Now we’ve just created BIM on the fly. Our wall has been created; now we’ve set our direction and we’ll take the next dimension.

Now we simply press the Bluetooth button and watch Revit create the wall on the fly. Now we have our wall. Now we’ll set the direction for our next dimension. Now that we’ve got that set, we’ll go take our third and last dimension.

We could see here that we don’t have anything to reflect off of, so my assistant is going to hold up a small piece of paper so I have surface for my laser to reflect off of. Okay, now I’ve collected my dimension of 3 feet 3 inches, and now I’ll press the Bluetooth button. Once again, we’ve created BIM on the fly. Let’s go take a look at this in 3D. We can see our booth and see that we have created an accurate as-built using the DISTO D330i and Autodesk Revit. Thank you.