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How Davis Land Surveying Makes an Impact in the Low Country

Allen Precision Equipment serves all kinds of customers, located all over the country – from big shops with multiple crews on the ground to the dedicated mom-and-pop shops who work in their communities, making an impact. One APE customer, Andrew Davis, is doing just that in South Carolina’s low country, where he has lived since elementary school.

APE: How long have you been in the surveying business?

Andrew DavisDavis: “I’ve been in the surveying profession for 12 years and have run my own firm, Davis Land Surveying, LLC, for the past five years. When I first started my solo career, the economy was at its absolute lowest point. Surveying firms were shutting down and everyone was laying off employees. But every year since then, business has grown.”

APE: What kind of jobs do you do?

Davis: “I do jobs all over Charleston and surrounding areas from Georgetown to Beaufort – everything from research to field work to final drawings. Most of our jobs focus on residential surveys, new construction, refinancing, site plans, flood elevation certificates, and light commercial and industrial work.”

APE: What makes Charleston unique?

Davis: “Being on the coast, water levels are a big issue. The terrain is flat, so there’s no elevation relief, which can make design and as-built work difficult. We also deal with tides and shallow coastal flooding.”

APE: What is unique about Davis Land Surveying?

Davis: “As a solo operator, I am deeply invested in the company and in the success of each client. When a client calls, I answer. I am also the person working in the field. I have absolute control over everything that happens and all decisions made by the company.”

APE: What do you think are the keys to running a successful surveying firm?

Davis: “The most important thing is to keep your clients well-informed throughout the process. In the end, it’s all about helping them fully understand what’s going on and why.”

APE: What are some of your biggest challenges?

Davis: “The hardest part about being solo is that there are no ‘sick’ days. Clients depend on me to be there when I say I will. With larger firms, there is almost always someone else who can step up if you can’t.”

APE: What are some of the biggest trends you are seeing in the market today?

Davis: “In my area, there is a lot of new construction and existing home additions. Financially, people seem to be doing better than a few years ago. They are ready to go!”

APE: What kind of equipment do you use?

Davis: “I use a total station and a robotic total station. I mainly use robotic for construction staking and as-built work, and I have a two-man total station that I use for boundary surveys, topographic surveys, and tree work. I also use an RTK-based GPS system.”

APE: What do you like about the APE Online Marketplace?

Davis: “The website is easy to navigate, and I like the online chat feature. Ordering online can be tough, because it’s sometimes hard to figure out quantities and what exactly you’re getting. With the online chat, if you have a question about a product, they can give you a quick answer.”

To learn more about Davis Land Surveying, LLC, visit or contact Andrew at (843) 607-0409. If you would like help selecting equipment and supplies for your surveying or construction firm, please contact us. Our knowledgeable experts would be happy to assist you.