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How Often Should You Calibrate Your Construction Laser?

When it comes to calibrating your construction laser, how often is enough?

Typically, we recommend that you take your laser to a service center for calibration every six months. Today’s lasers have more electronic  components than ever before, and there’s a greater risk of them becoming out of calibration – especially when they get bumped or dropped.

Though the laser itself is most likely under warranty, calibration is a paid maintenance service that must be scheduled, just like getting your tires rotated or car realigned.

Many lasers today have a field operation function that enables the operator to calibrate the laser in the field on a regular schedule or if the laser is dropped or bumped. However, because it may not be obvious that your construction laser is out of calibration, it's best to have it regularly serviced.

Does every laser need to be calibrated and serviced every six months? We’ve heard stories of some lasers that have stayed calibrated against the odds. For example, a Leica Geosystems sales manager recently took a Rugby 800 series to California – a nine month-old laser that had been shipped numerous times by UPS and FedEx and even checked as luggage on flights at least a dozen times. It had its first calibration test on that trip and the calibration was still dead on.

In most cases, however, you should take your construction laser in every six months to make sure it's within spec.

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