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How to Add Detail to Design Data on a Construction Site

What happens when you arrive on a construction site to do stakeout only to learn that the design plans have changed? Typically, this means interrupting the construction schedule so you can go back to the office to get updated drawings. However, with the right tools, you can make the required changes to your datasets on the fly.

One example is the Trace function in Sketch, part of the Leica iCON Build Software. This application allows you to quickly draw and dimension right angle building plans in the field and insert them into existing datasets for immediate staking out. 

Trace makes it easy to add details quickly without the need for office software. Here’s how:

  • Select Trace from the sketching functions menu.
  • Click directly on the screen to define the required shape.
  • Click “clothesline” to complete the shape.

At this stage, the shape needs dimensioning.

  • Click on individual lines to apply dimensioning. (A dimension check is automatically performed.)
  • Click “applied design,” then define the anchor position of the design.
  • Click and hold “zoom and extend” to display the original data set. Then click the point of line to which the design is to be applied.
  • Click “accept” and the design is applied to the existing job. All points and lines are now ready to be staked out.

With Trace, it is possible to stake out any right angled building – even those with more than four sides. Trace is a useful tool that allows you to quickly draw and dimension building plans and add them to existing datasets without having to go back to the office.

Watch this video to see how it works.

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