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How to Convert a Spectra Precision SurveyPro File to a TDS SurveyPro Job

In our experience, when customers purchase a new Spectra Precision data collector, they quickly realize that Spectra Precision SurveyPro is on their new device instead of what they are used to – TDS SurveyPro. When this happens, we always get the same question: “I need a .JOB or .RAW data file to use in the office software that I have been using with my TDS data collector for years. But now the files in Spectra Precision SurveyPro are .SURVEY files. What do I do?”

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to simply convert a .SURVEY file to .JOB and .RAW.

Go to your Spectra Precision SurveyPro Home screen. For this demo, we have a job open called “TDS Demo Ground.” This is a .SURVEY file. To convert this file to a traditional TDS SurveyPro .JOB and .RAW file, click on the “main menu” icon, then click on “File” and choose “Export.”

Once in “Export,” select the type of file you want to export to. Use the drop-down menu to choose “Survey Pro 4.x (.JOB/.RAW) File.” This will convert the .SURVEY file to the traditional .JOB and .RAW files you are used to.


Select “Survey Pro 4.x (.JOB/.RAW) File” and choose “Export.” You will then be asked where you want to drop the file. (Default will be the SurveyPro “Jobs” folder that you are familiar with, but in our demo here, the file is in a “Demo” folder).


The name of the file will automatically match the name of the .SURVEY file and the job Type is a .JOB file. Once you have confirmed this, click on the green checkmark.

You have now created a .JOB and .RAW data file. In the SurveyPro “Jobs” folder, you can see the “TDS Demo Ground.survey” (the native file to Spectra Precision SurveyPro), as well as the same file name as a .JOB and .RAW data file.

These files can now be used in your choice of office software.

Want to learn more about how to convert Spectra Precision SurveyPro .SURVEY files to TDS SurveyPro jobs in .RAW? Watch this instructional video.

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