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How to Get a Great Deal on the Leica FlexLine TSO2 Plus Total Station

How can you get a top-of-the-line total station at a discounted rate? With Allen Precision Equipment’s university rental program, students learn on the latest technology and service providers can later purchase the lightly used, virtually new instruments at a substantial discount with the full warranty. In this video, Gerry Barnaby talks to Allen Precision Equipment’s Technical Support Manager John Phillips about discounted Leica FlexLine TSO2 Plus total stations.

Watch the video to learn more, or contact us to find out whether the instrument you need is available through this program.

Learn more about the university rental program

Learn more about the Leica FlexLine TSO2 Plus total station



Barnaby:         Hi, what's happening. Barnaby here along with John from Allen Precision Equipment, and what we have here in front of us is the Leica TSO2 Plus FlexLine Total Station. We're going get into the specs of this in a second, but I just wanted to let you know that Allen Precision has got this program going on where this was used by a major university in the course of their curriculum for about 2 months or so by students. Looks virtually brand new, and it's offered at great discount. We're going to give you details in a second, but first we need to know about the capabilities. John?

John:               Okay. The TSO2 Plus is 5-second accuracy. It has a 500 meter reflectorless range and it's also Bluetooth capable.

Barnaby:         Okay, so this is a pretty serious piece of equipment right?

John:               Correct.

Barnaby:         Yeah, and virtually brand new once again. So this is a university rental program right?

John:               Right.

Barnaby:         Okay. Explain how that all works.

John:               Well, it's a great program. The students every year get the latest technology, so they are able to learn on what's out there on the market today. It also benefits the manufacturer. They get to put out there new equipment to students so they get to see what's available for when they graduate and get a job.

Barnaby:         All right.

John:               They want to buy a FlexLine.

Barnaby:         It's interesting as I look at the case, undamaged. I look at the machine, not a scratch on it. I am assuming that most of the work was done in the classroom with this.

John:               Correct. It's come in ... come back to us in very good shape. We do put them through our shop and they get re-calibrated before they are ready for sale.

Barnaby:         Yeah. What about the warranty on it?

John:               It's fantastic, same warranty as if you bought a new one—one year.

Barnaby:         Really. Okay, so there’s got to be just a lot of scratching and clawing for this I would imagine on the part of the consumer because the discount is 20% or more, right?

John:               Correct.  Yeah. There are limited quantities, so you need to call today.

Barnaby:         Okay, and I guess I was talking to Tracy, the General Manager and sales guy here, and he just said you can get on a waiting list for this even. If you think you might need one of these down the road, and I guess if you are university, why pay full price for equipment if it's going to grow old before you get the full value out of it? You can get in touch with the folks here at Allen Precision and maybe get on the list of the rental program as well right.

John:               Exactly. Yeah. We have a lot of different pieces of equipment that they can look at too or get involved in our university rental program.

Barnaby:         All right, but you know what, this is a cool place. Isn't it? Allen Precision Equipment—not only do they put the proper tools into the hands of surveyors and contractors across the land, but also universities that are looking to educate the people of tomorrow.

Here's all the contact information. Give them a ring whichever side of the fence you are on, educator or professional.