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Increase Productivity Using Construction Lasers


A good construction laser is a small investment that pays off in a big way. While the first advantage that comes to mind is accurate measurement, construction lasers can eliminate numerous problems that plague the job site. Consider these variables when choosing your construction laser:


  • Quality work depends on quality instruments. Accurate measurements make or break many things on site. A construction laser ensures pinpoint accuracy of less than a millimeter. This allows for precision fitting, which in turn eliminates multiple trips to suppliers, “eyeballing,” and wastage.


  • Big projects require big measurements. Built-in long-range distance measuring beefs up construction lasers. Depending on the kind of construction you do, you can choose a construction laser for interior, exterior, or interior-exterior job sites.


  • Paying more people to take less accurate measurements over a longer period of time doesn't make sense. With a construction laser, one person can take all the measurements quickly, freeing the rest of your crew to do other tasks. With better, quicker results, the project manager can coordinate efforts and improve communication.


  • Time is money, especially in construction. A construction laser speeds up turnaround time for drawings. Get it done right the first time, get those pesky permits sooner, and break the do-over cycle.  A construction laser with advanced ruggedization and waterproofing eliminates weather delays so you can finish on time. And if you're running short-handed on subcontractors, you no longer have to worry about paying someone to lean on a pole or pull tape.


  • The right instrument is an investment that will repay you many times over. Control payroll costs, eliminate wastage and cost overruns, and turn around jobs with greater efficiency in a fraction of the time.

Consider how you plan to use your construction laser most:

  • Interior work like ceiling grids and floor layouts
  • Exterior work like checking grade, sub-base and fine-grade excavation, setting foundations, concrete forming, and pad placement
  • Multiple interior-exterior applications, whether it's simple “flatwork,” horizontal, vertical, or complex dual grades
  • Precision depth control for sub-base and fine-grade excavation of building pads, parking lots, runways
  • Agricultural applications like land leveling or tiling
  • Step slopes

General Use Construction Lasers

A good construction laser can run between $175 for a Basic Rod-Eye to $5000 for a deluxe dual-grade package with remote. Most people spend between $1200-$3000, depending on the application. For just under $1000, Leica Geosystems' one-button Rugby 50 package is a general construction laser and a solid investment that pays for itself on the first job. Automatic self-leveling with an out-of-level indicator frees you from the most tedious measuring jobs. The complete package comes with laser, detector, bracket, and carrying case – everything you need to get the job done. For interior jobs like build-out and finish work, we recommend the Rugby 55; for exterior work, choose between the Rugby 100 Standard or the Rugby 100LR Long-Range package.

Mid-Range Grade Lasers

Mid-range grade lasers offer greater flexibility. Two single-grade versions, the Rugby 260SG and the fully automatic Rugby 270SG are best suited for general construction. For full horizontal, vertical, and dual-grade control over interior-exterior applications, we recommend the Rugby 280DG.

Precision Grade Lasers

Precision grade lasers are best suited to large-scale construction jobs. The Rugby 320SG is a single-grade construction laser. For dual-grade work, you have the option of either the Rugby 410DG or the Rugby 420DG, which comes with a handy remote control.


Allen Precision Equipment's experts are always happy to discuss your particular needs and questions about construction lasers, rod-eyes, machine receivers, or any other precision tool you need. Give us a call toll free at 1-888-993-6032, e-mail us at [email protected], or chat with us online at