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Key Benefits of the Spectra Precision Nomad 900 Data Collector

The Spectra Precision Nomad 900 Data Collector is smaller than other data collectors but has a processing speed equal to any other system on the market. It features an 806 MHz processor, a long-life 5000 mAh lithium-ion battery, integrated wireless capabilities like GPS, Wi-Fi 802 11g, and Bluetooth, 128 MB RAM and up to 2GB non-volatile Flash storage. What else do you need to know, and which model is right for your application? APE Technical Support Manager John Phillips gives you the scoop in this interview.

Watch the video to learn more, or contact us for help in making your selection.



Gerry:              Hey, what's up? Barnaby here, along with John, an expert on data collectors, and we're here to talk about the Spectra Precision Nomad 900 Data Collector. How many years you been working here at Allen Precision?

John:               25.

Gerry:              25 years doing tech, and so you know a lot about these.

John:               Correct.

Gerry:              Okay. So let's talk about the capabilities of it. It's smaller than most.

John:               Yes, it is. But even though it's smaller than most, it has the processing speed of any other data collector out there on the market today.

Gerry:              So what sort of software are you running in this?

John:               Industry standard. A lot of people know it as TDS Survey Pro, but now it's packaged as Spectra Precision Survey Pro.

Gerry:              Okay. What about the wireless capabilities?

John:               A lot of functionality. This is the top model. You can use cellular connection, Wi-Fi connection, all the models have Bluetooth, and there's also a couple models with GPS capability.

Gerry:              Okay. It's interesting, because it's got a keypad. A lot of them don't, right?

John:               Yeah, this particular one, even though it's a small data collector, it does have a numeric keypad.

Gerry:              Okay. You're going to do a little reality check right here. You didn't flinch. I was going to drop it. Most people would go, "Don't drop that! It's a handheld computer."

John:               No problem. It meets military specs. You can drop it, get it wet, you're going to be fine.

Gerry:              Okay. Well then, let's talk about the series. There's a number of these in the 900 series, right?  This is the top of the line, and it goes down from there?

John:               Correct. There's three models.

Gerry:              Okay. So therein lies the question. Which one do you need? That's the value of Allen Precision, because 25 years experience, right? Everybody I talk to in this place has got decades of experience making sure that you, the contractor or surveyor, have the right tool for the job. So if you want to get on the phone, or want to get on the internet, the contact information is right here. But be assured that when you get in touch with the folks here at Allen, you're going to be talking to experts that know exactly what is on the market, and what best suits your needs.