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Landpoint: Pushing the Envelope in Surveying

Landpoint, an APE customer for over 20 years, is an award-winning surveying firm that specializes in pipelines, gas and oil well locations, construction layouts and more. Based in Bossier City, Louisiana, Landpoint has projects of all sizes, all over the country. We recently caught up with Landpoint’s Coy Cockrell, senior systems administrator, to see what’s going on in the industry.

APE: What’s new over at Landpoint?

Cockrell: We recently acquired Colorado-based King Surveyors and West Company of Midland, Texas, which more than doubled our headcount, so that has been exciting. Most of our projects are still oil and gas in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Colorado, but we’ve been doing more construction work recently.

APE: What makes Landpoint unique?

Cockrell: We’re an innovative firm and are always adopting new technology that flows down to our clients, so they see it firsthand. The oil and gas industry is constantly changing the way they plan and construct pipeline facilities as technology evolves and advances.

APE: What are some of the biggest trends you are seeing today?

Cockrell: One of the biggest requirements in the industry has become integrating survey data and GIS. In our company, everything is available to clients right at their fingertips on any mobile device. They can be out in the field and have everything they need right there without having to call someone or go back to the office and look up more information. This is quickly becoming the new standard for deliverables.

APE: What was your most memorable day on the job?

Cockrell: We worked on the Ogilvie Hardware project in downtown Shreveport. It was a historical building that had been abandoned and was going to be renovated. It had been neglected so long that it was overgrown and engulfed in trees. We went out and scanned it with our high definition scanner and were able to model it – even things we couldn’t physically see. Today, it has been converted into lofts and the project won the 2013 Heritage award for preservation. Working with the scanner on our first real project was such an eye opening experience.

APE: What do you like about APE and the online marketplace?

Cockrell: We have relied on APE for over 20 years. We buy everything from the materials we put in the ground all the way up to our high definition 3D laser scanners and all things in between. The online marketplace is great because we can search the website, find what we need and instantly check their inventory.

APE: What makes APE different?

Cockrell: They have a lot of experience backing their products, and their support is great. Any issue we have ever had with any equipment – from screws and bolts to warranty work – they take care of it immediately. Their support and knowledge is an asset to our company.

APE: What advice would you give the next generation of surveyors/construction professionals?

Cockrell: Instruments are becoming more and more advanced. Even in the past few years, the technology has jumped considerably. Everyone in the industry should focus on adopting new technologies and implementing them into their day to day business processes in order to compete with other firms. It is important to have a knowledgeable vendor like APE to assist in the implementation of new equipment.

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