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Show Floor Review: What Do Restoration Pros Think of the Leica DISTO E7500i?

Basic point and shoot laser distance meters are commonly used by professionals that handle cleaning and restoration work. But is there a way to streamline the measurement process even further? An attendee at World of Concrete shares his thoughts after seeing a demo of the Leica DISTO E7500i laser distance meter. Watch this video to learn more.


Speaker 1:       All right, so what’s your name?

Tim:                 Tim. What’s up?

Speaker 1:       Okay Tim. I saw you over at the Leica demonstration for the DISTO. What line of work are you in?

Tim:                 We do carpet cleaning, concrete polishing and stone restoration.

Speaker 1:       Do you use lasers at this point?

Tim:                 I do use lasers.

Speaker 1:       What about this guy?

Tim:                 I’m pretty impressed with the options that this has over just basic point-and-shoot lasers.

Speaker 1:       Let’s talk about that. What do you like about it?

Tim:                 I like the ability to take my measurements and drop it directly into either an Apple product or a registered phone.

Speaker 1:       How were you doing it otherwise?

Tim:                 Measure it. Enter it by hand.

Speaker 1:       Who would you think this would be best suited for?

Tim:                 Basically anybody doing any type of estimating … to make sure they have the right products for what they need on the job.

Speaker 1:       Let’s talk about the price. Everybody wants to make back their money somehow. You think this is going to do that?

Tim:                 This would pay for itself very easily; make my estimating cut in half because of the time savings.

Speaker 1:       We should just give you one.

Tim:                 I’m all for that.

Speaker 1:       (laughs) All right, my man,

Tim:                 Thanks a lot.

Speaker 1:       I appreciate it.