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Leica iCON: Status Bar Basics

Within Leica iCON software, the status bar is the blue bar that runs across the top of your screen, indicating the current status of the connected sensor, be it the iCON robot or a GPS antenna. 

When there is no connection from the controller to a sensor, the only icons in the status bar will indicate the battery level of the controller and the active application.

On the home page, the status bar acts as a simple reference. Upon entering an application, the status bar then becomes expanded and active. (Icons are the same in the application as on the home page, only larger.)

To choose an application, click on the corresponding icon and you will see a menu that displays the active project, active job, and their creation dates. The active coordinate system, if there is one loaded to the job, will also be displayed. The status bar also indicates information about the controller battery level and the memory usage.

All applications have the same status bar appearance with the exception of Sketch, which does not require a connection to a sensor. In this application, the status bar provides “undo” and “redo” buttons, which are useful when creating point and line plans.

If you see a yellow indicator on the status bar, this is a warning message indicating that there is no connection to a sensor. Click on this yellow indicator and a full-screen message will appear summarizing the warning and, in some cases, including a direct link to devices where a connection to a sensor can be enabled.

The Devices screen will show profiles for your existing devices such as GPS and iCON robot, for example. Click on an icon and you will be returned to the home page. Once the connection is established between the controller and the device, the corresponding status icons are displayed on the status bar.

Here, you have access to a number of menus and settings relative to the device including various modes and the battery level of the device, for example. This could include further menus and settings related to working with the pole including the prism type, pole height, and battery level of the controller.

This information will be the same for all applications that interact with the connected sensor.

To learn more about the features and functions of the status bar within Leica iCON, watch this step-by-step demo: