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Meet Kofeng Lor: If It's Broken, He Can Fix It


Whether you need a major repair or a quick tune-up, Kofeng is your man. As Allen Precision Equipment’s primary service technician, Kofeng Lor handles all of the repairs, from calibrations to complete overhauls. Each month, almost every type of equipment comes into his shop, from handheld data collectors to construction tools, surveying equipment and more.  

“I do mostly tune-ups, but we also see older equipment that was bought here a long time ago,” said Kofeng. “I’ve even seen some ancient total stations that are from before my time and there are no longer parts available for them. But if it’s a simple calibration, I can get them up and running again.”

After seven years in APE’s service department, Kofeng has seen it all.

“I have been with APE for seven years, but my previous job was with a manufacturer of surveying equipment, so I have a background in the manufacturing side,” said Kofeng. “That background gives me a strong understanding of the instruments.”

If Kofeng can’t fix it, he’ll find someone who can.

“If I get stumped, I start calling,” said Kofeng. “There is a network of technicians that I can call around and ask for their advice and suggestions. We work together and help each other out.”

One of the best parts of the job is the variety.

“When customers send their equipment in, I have them explain their problem and write it down,” said Kofeng. “They keep me on my feet – no two days are ever the same. Equipment has changed a lot over the years. There are always new products coming out, new technologies. I have to keep learning new things every day to keep up. It’s much more complex than it used to be.”

Service is all about building relationships.

“I’ve worked with a lot of customers who have come back year after year with different requests. Our customer service is all about keeping a relationship going with the customer,” said Kofeng. “Turnaround time is important to them. I understand how downtime effects them and I always try to get our customers back up and running as quickly as possible.”

When Kofeng is not at work, he’s spending time with his five kids.

“On the weekends, I try to do what the girls like to do one weekend, and hang out with the boys the next,” said Kofeng. “The boys like to fish, so we’re out fishing a lot. One of my girls is into pageants, so we go shopping for dresses. She just won first place in a pageant and I’ve been to one of them. It’s different, but I do whatever they want to do!”

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