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Now That You Bought It, How Do You Use It?

Once you purchase equipment from APE, our relationship doesn’t end there. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to use your new system, either online or in person.

GNSS_Application-Pole_500“We bring customers into our facility to train them for a day and a half, but also offer training videos on most of our equipment that talks about how to turn it on, get it up and running, and how to use the software to work with the robot or GNSS receiver,” said John Phillips, APE’s technical support manager.

The training videos, each around 20-30 minutes, are available to all customers who have purchased a robotic or GNSS system from APE. After customers purchase the unit, they are sent a link to the corresponding training video.

The videos explain the basics of how to use the equipment, as well as how to set it up to work with the customer’s software package.

If customers prefer the in-house training sessions, this is also available free of charge with the purchase of a system from APE. Meals and hotel accommodations are provided – customers just have to pay for their transportation to APE’s headquarters just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

“The first thing we always ask customers is what kind of surveying they do and how they do it. Then we customize the training to fit their needs,” said Phillips. “We’ll show them how to collect points, stake out points and stake out a line with the new system, and how to put it all together and get it talking to their software.”

Other areas covered in the training include understanding the customer’s level of comfort working with GPS or robotic total stations and any concerns they may have with the equipment.

“If it’s their first time using GPS or a robot, we ask them about their flow of information between the field and the office because this can sometimes cause a roadblock,” said Phillips. “This is something we always ask during the buying process as well. First, we want our customers to purchase the right equipment for the job. Then we’ll teach them how to use it.”

Want to learn more about one of our online training tutorials or schedule an in-house training session? Call us today at (800) 241-6223 or chat with one of our experienced support technicians using the chat box below.