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Take the Guesswork Out of Construction with Smart GNSS Field Kits


Have you ever had to stop a construction project to wait for a surveyor or engineer? How often are you left guessing how much dirt has been moved or how much material is left? GNSS construction field kits with integrated hardware and software can help you better understand your project site by providing instant real-time access to the data you need to make quick, informed decisions that keep your project on time and on budget.

With these kits, you can conduct simple site measurements, compare everything to a digital design, access live cut and fill measurements in the field, easily identify where more work is required, and navigate to points of interest.

Some kits enable grade checking over large areas using a site vehicle. Simply attach the antennae to the vehicle with a magnetic mount, and you can have live positions down to the millimeter. Attach the controller to the windshield, load the design model to the controller, and color-coded points are automatically stored, providing you with an instant site overview.

The kit can then be removed from the vehicle to perform traditional surveying tasks.

Kits that offer easy, fast, and secure wireless data transfer from site to office let you instantly check accuracy and data quality in the field. When something is off, you’ll know immediately so that deviations can be fixed and reported before they result in expensive mistakes and costly reworks.

Look for kits that provide:

  • Real-time product information and statistics in the field
  • Updates on site personnel with new design files and work orders
  • Fewer errors and expensive reworks
  • Savings on fuel costs by doing the job right the first time
  • Ability to optimize material savings by calculating the exact volume of excavated dirt or fill materials needed
  • Ability to conduct simple site measurements and calibrations without waiting for a surveyor to do the work, therefore reducing machine downtime and increasing productivity
  • Ability to navigate to points of interest such as control points or site boundaries

Need help choosing a GNSS solution? Contact our knowledgeable experts for their recommendations.