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The Lowdown on the Rugby 840 Laser Level

Leica Rugby-840-in-water

When you invest in a piece of precision equipment, you need to know whether the manufacturer’s claims are rock solid. Does “waterproof” mean “it can take a bath,” or does it mean “it’ll be okay if you wipe it off within two seconds”? 

The Leica Rugby 840 is the only laser level on the market that meets rigorous IP68 standards. That means it’s completely dustproof, waterproof, and submersible. The IP code “6” means that dust cannot penetrate the instrument, and the “8” means it can stay submerged underwater for up to one hour. The Rugby 840 is also the only laser level on the market to meet tough military requirements, earning the prestigious MIL-STD 810G rating. A truly ruggedized precision instrument, the Rugby 840 fulfills a longtime need for construction contractors and crews.

Built for Real-World Construction Conditions

The Rugby 840’s record-setting specs blew the competition out of the water at this year’s World of Concrete show. Gerry Barnaby, host of, dropped by the booth to witness the Rugby 840 put to the test. Clearly, this laser level is built with real users and real-world situations in mind.

The fact is, things get banged around, dropped, soaked, and covered with dust on the jobsite. Leica Geosystems' PROTECT warranty offers free repair or replacement should there be any materials or manufacturing defects during the product’s lifetime. In addition, the 5 Year No Cost guarantee covers repair or replacement of all defective parts, as well as labor time, adjustment, and calibration. And for the first two years, the Knockdown Warranty covers all repairs to the Rugby 840’s internal self-leveling assembly.

Another innovation is how the Rugby 840 handles charging. You can use either alkaline batteries or the new, unbreakable lithium-ion battery pack for onsite charging convenience. You also have the option of adding a solar panel to the case, which eliminates the expense of downtime and repetitive battery replacement.

Advanced Laser Level Capabilities

Intelligent automatic positioning, error-free monitoring in real time, and laser plane correction are some of the Rugby 840’s advanced capabilities. One-touch “Smart Targeting” lets you tie in slopes (in single and dual axis) and align the beam in vertical automatically – with a single button. First, set up the laser at your starting point. Then, position the second point automatically with the new Leica Rod-Eye laser receiver. No more walking back to the laser; no separate remote control to lose. “Smart Lock” continuously monitors the laser plane in real time. If the laser plane moves out of spec, the Rugby 840 sounds an alarm. This comes in handy when you’re doing batter board installations or façade applications where you need the laser plane to stay in one place all day. You’ll also appreciate the Rugby 840’s new “Maximum Temperature Stability” technology. This feature eliminates drift, ensuring the highest accuracy all day long, from -4° to 122° Fahrenheit.

Whether you’re pouring foundations or formwork, setting anchor bolts, erecting steel columns, or running plumbing, Leica Geosystems’ rugged Rugby 840 is ready to roll – no dust, no water, no downtime, no problem.