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What You Should Know About the Spectra Precision Epoch

Do you need the Spectra Precision Epoch 25, 35 or 50? What are the most commonly asked questions about this line of GPS/GNSS receivers? What kind of software can be used with it, and what are the configuration options? Gerry Barnaby talks to Allen Precision Equipment's Donna George about these topics as well as APE's 24-month, zero-interest financing.

Watch the video to learn more, or contact us for help in making your selection.



Barnaby:         Hey, how's it going? Barnaby here, along with Donna. If you've ever called Allen Precision Equipment and asked for an expert, you probably have talked to Donna here. We're going to get to the bottom of the whys and wherefores of the Spectra Precision Epoch. So, most commonly asked questions and the answers you give?

Donna:            You know, basically, what satellites it might track, which are GPS and GLONASS. The accuracy. What software.

Barnaby:         What software does it run?

Donna:            You've got a couple options. You can do the SurvCE or you can do the SurveyPro.

Barnaby:         What about configurability? Because it sits in the pair right here.

Donna:            We configure it as either a network rover or we can do a base and rover.

Barnaby:         So you can buy one or two?

Donna:            Correct, or you can buy more.

Barnaby:         You can buy as many as you want, right?

Donna:            That's correct.

Barnaby:         Let's talk about financing, because the bill starts to ratchet up and a lot of people say, "Well, I can only bite it off in digestible chunks."

Donna:            We offer a twenty-four month, zero interest financing right now. It's available.

Barnaby:         Well hey, you can't beat zero interest and you can't beat the depth of knowledge of folks like Donna here at Allen Precision. Because you've been doing it for how many years?

Donna:            Hmm. A few?

Barnaby:         Yeah, I heard decades.

Donna:            (laughs)

Barnaby:         I'm going to need a GPS and a shovel to dig out of that hole. If you want to get in touch with the folks at Allen Precision, all the good information is right over here. Seriously, there's no way you've been here decades.

Donna:            Aw. Thank you.

Barnaby:         You're welcome.

Donna:            (laughs)

Barnaby:         I'm halfway out of the hole now!

Donna:            (laughs)