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Who Won the Super Bowl Drawing?

Surveyors, engineers and contractors who spent more than $100 on surveying, construction, and mapping equipment and supplies through the APE Online Marketplace from October to December were entered into the APE Big Game Giveaway with a chance to win two tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII. Who won the grand prize? 

Congratulations to Jeff Trei, engineering technician for Crane Engineering, a forensic engineering and building science services firm with offices in Plymouth, Minnesota, and Madison, Wisconsin!

Jeff operates the company’s Leica ScanStation C10 laser scanner for applications as diverse as architectural building documentation, vehicle accident reconstruction and fire investigation, but forensic applications comprise the majority of the firm’s scanning work. “Whenever there’s an explosion or incident, the first thing we do is scan the entire site, before anyone else gets on the scene,” he says. “That gives us a record of where everything was before everybody starts tromping through there. Sometimes we don’t really know what we’re looking for until afterwards—months, maybe, after the fact. With the laser scans, we always have a record of where this pipe was sticking out of the ground compared to the exact location of the fuel tank, or where certain things were.”

According to Jeff, clients appreciate the ability to visualize the scene in 3D as well as the speed of the investigation. “You could spend all day having 20 people measure [the scene], or you can give me 20 minutes and I’ll do it with the scanner,” he says.

When Jeff needs laser scanning accessories such as tripods, cables, adapters and batteries, he turns to the Allen Precision Equipment Online Marketplace. “Allen Precision has the things you need that you really can’t get anywhere else—proprietary, rare stuff that not everyone sells,” he says. “And customer service is great. Sometimes when I order something, it’s back ordered, but then a couple days later it’s delivered. APE is a great resource.”

Congratulations on winning our contest, Jeff!


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