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  1. Kenwood KHS7A Single Muff Headset w/Boom Mic and Push-to-Talk

    Lightweight headset with boom microphone for Kenwood two-way radios. Comfortable, adjustable headband and extended cord for easy access.

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    ID: 106340
  2. Kenwood KMC21 Compact Remote Speaker Microphone for ProTalk Radios

    Kenwood black compact remote speaker microphone works with Kenwood TK (ProTalk) two-way radios. Features volume control, remote control and channel scan.

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    ID: 106345
  3. Motorola HLN8255 3" Spring Belt Clip for CP150 Radio

    Motorola 3" spring-action belt slip for CP150 two-way radio.

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    ID: 101844
  4. Motorola PMLN4124 2.5" Belt Clip for SP21 Radio

    2.5" spring-action belt clip with "J" bottom for the Motorola SP21 and Spirit M series radios.

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    ID: 101981
  5. Motorola RLN5384 2.5" Swivel Leather Case for CP150/200 Radios

    Black leather case with 2.5" swivel for use with non-display Motorola two-way radio models.

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    ID: 101988
  6. Motorola NNTN4106 Belt Holster for CP100 Radio

    Motorola black leather swivel belt holster for CP100 two-way radio.

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    ID: 101996
  7. Motorola RLN6302A 2.5" Leather Carry Case for Two-Way Radios

    Motorola 2.5" black leather carry case with swivel belt clip which snaps firmly in place.

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    ID: 101834
  8. Motorola HLN8240AR 2.5" Belt Clip for SP10 Radio

    Motorola 2.5" replacement belt clip for SP10 two-way radio.

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    ID: 101831
  9. Motorola HLN9115A Belt Clip for P10/P50 Radios

    Motorola 2" heavy-duty belt clip for P10/50 two-way radios.

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    ID: 101823
  10. Kenwood KLH187 Nylon Case for ProTalk Radios

    Kenwood KLH-187 black nylon carry case (replaces KHS-126) for TK (ProTalk) two-way radios.

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    ID: KEN-KLH-187

Items 31 to 40 of 44 total

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