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Dietzgen 11" x 17" CAD Premium Inkjet Vellum (20lb.) – 100 Sheets

100 sheets of Dietzgen 11" x 17" 20-pound CAD Inkjet vellum. Yields a transparency of 45%.


For used and refurbished options, call 1 (888) 368-5461


Dietzgen 11" x 17" CAD Premium Inkjet Vellum (20lb.) – 100 Sheets Zoom


Premium 20lb. vellum features a unique top-coat that allows you to lay down more ink without sacrificing drying time or line definition. Great for archival documents and plans involving multiple colors or fills! Yields a transparency of 45%.

Additional Information

Manufacturer ID IJ20V-11x17
APE ITEM # 128676
Manufacturer Dietzgen
Wrong Person Review by Lise G.
I am only the person who is ordering the items needed by the staff and production department. I do not use vellum paper. I am constantly being asked to take surveys from several vendors. I've tried forwarding them to the people that they apply to, but am told not to do that because it's annoying. Sorry to be so blunt. (Posted on 2017-12-14)

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