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Lufkin 300' x 5/16" Super Hi-Way® Nubian® Tape Refill

Lufkin 300-foot Super Hi-Way® Nubian® replacement line fits reel/frame 31300. Heavy-gauge steel tape, 5/16-inch wide, with raised graduations on black background in feet/10ths/100ths and dead foot at each end.


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Lufkin 300' x 5/16" Super Hi-Way® Nubian® Tape Refill Zoom


This 300-foot Super Hi-Way® Nubian® engineer's replacement line fits reel/frame 31300 and has raised graduations on a black background with abrasion-resistant coating. Heavy-gauge clip ends attach to the reel or tensioning device. The blade is 5/16ths of an inch wide, 0.017 inches thick, and graduated in feet/10ths/100ths with a foot of blank space on each end. The extra foot before zero is graduated right to left in 10ths/100ths. Balance is marked at every foot except for the last of each 100-foot length, which is in 100ths. Railroad half-gauge mark at 2' 4-1/2" from zero. Tape includes two leather thongs and a correction scale. Reel sold separately.

Additional Information

Manufacturer ID 09300B
APE ITEM # 111620
Manufacturer Apex-Lufkin
Manufacturer Product URL
Product Line Lufkin Super Hi-Way® Nubian® Tapes