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Lufkin 100' x 1/4" Peerless Chrome Clad Engineer's Tape (10ths/100ths)

Lufkin 100-foot Peerless tape in four-arm open frame. Chrome Clad® 1/4-inch-wide, 0.016-inch-thick blade, graduated in feet/10ths/100ths.


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Lufkin 100' x 1/4" Peerless Chrome Clad Engineer's Tape (10ths/100ths) Zoom


This Lufkin 100-foot Peerless engineer's and surveyor's tape has a Chrome Clad® blade in a four-arm, nickel-plated, open-type reel, with rollers in each arm for smooth winding. The long, easy-action winding handle locks the line in any position. The E1-style blade is 1/4 of an inch wide and 0.016 inches thick. The open design aids in drying the line and clearing out dirt, and the subdivided line is easily removable from the reel. A pair of 580 finger rings and a 579 engineer's conversion rule are furnished with the tape or replacement line. Replacement line OC1276D (not included). Reel available separately.

Additional Information

Manufacturer ID C1276D
APE ITEM # 110800
Manufacturer Apex-Lufkin
Manufacturer Product URL
Product Line Lufkin Peerless Chrome Clad® Tapes

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