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  1. Leica CS20 3.75G Disto Field Controller

    Wider Screen, Clearer Data, Power in Your Hands

    The new Leica Captivate CS20 controller gives you complete control of your entire office on the go. Through the simplicity of touch, management of complex data is made extraordinarily enjoyable and actionable.

    Ruggedized WinEC7 field controller features:

    • Full 5" WVGA touch display
    • 2 GB eMMC flash memory
    • 1 GB SDRAM and SD card slot
    • 5MP camera and LED flash
    • 3.75G module
    • Internal Bluetooth/WLAN module
    • QWERTY keypad and stylus

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    Finance for $146.00/month

    ID: 823169
  2. Spectra Precision MobileMapper 60

    Smartphone GNSS data collecting just got brighter, faster and easier. The rugged MobileMapper®­ ­60­offers­superior­durability,­efficiency­and­accuracy­for­professional­ handheld data collection. Included Accessories:
  3. Universal A/C Battery charger and international plugs
  4. Li-Ion 3.8V Battery
  5. USB type C cable
  6. Handstrap
  7. 2 Screen Protectors
  8. Quick Start Guide
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Starting at $1,495.00

  • Ranger 3 Series Data Collectors

    The third generation Spectra Precision® Ranger™ Data Collector offers a large bright touch-screen, full alpha-numeric, easy to operate, keypad, and is packed with the features surveyors depend on. Built rugged, it meets rigorous MIL-STD-810G military standard for drops, vibration, humidity and extreme temperatures, and with an IP67 rating, it's designed to keep your investment and your data safe. The Ranger features Survey Pro and Windows Mobile 6 5, with the capability to run the mobile version of all your favorite programs including Excel and Outlook Integrated Bluetooth capabilities let you connect to field equipment without cables.

    Additional hardware options available!

    NEW models available - Call for details!

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    As low as: $2,795.00

  • Carlson Surveyor2


    From the carefully selected, textured buttons which click with just the right amount of feedback, to the slope of the contours that mimic so perfectly the shape of the human hand, every last detail of the Allegro 2™ was painstakingly honed to provide you with unparalleled speed and precision. The Allegro 2 maintains Juniper Systems’ reputation for reliability while offering new features and advancements to make data collection easier than ever.

    The Allegro Field PC® line has long been favored for applications with high-volume data collection, and the Allegro 2 is no different, except for the fact that it’s only gotten better. With a newly-designed QWERTY + numeric keyboard, the Allegro 2 features large, glove-friendly buttons, allowing for faster, non-visual (if you’re into that) data entry. It’s had a massive upgrade in battery power, display visibility, touchscreen, connectivity…oh, pretty much everything. We give you…the Allegro 2, designed for the data-intensive. Surveyor2

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    Starting at $3,650.00

    ID: 087797
  • Spectra Precision Ranger 7

    ***ADD TO CART FOR SPECIAL PRICING AND DISCOUNTS*** The Ranger 7 Data Collector, with its rugged and sunlight readable 7-inch touch screen, full keypad, and Windows 10 Pro operating system, is built to hit mark for surveyors requiring an easy-to-use, rugged, cost-effective data collector. The Ranger 7 comes with either Survey Pro or Layout Pro depending on your needs. With the full-features Windows 10 operating system, the Ranger 7 can also handle many other apps that will help make you more productive. Learn More
    Starting at $4,500.00

  • Juniper Systems Archer 2 Rugged Handheld Data Collector

    The latest generation handheld incorporates several new technological advancements. Sporting a custom 4.3 inch Illumiview™ high-visibility display, the Archer 2’s screen brightness has been well received by reviewers. Its battery features a unique technology inspired by the technology used in hybrid car batteries to prevent excessive battery drainage in low temperatures. Referred to as Overtime Technology™, this Archer 2 super battery will last 20 hours and up on one charge.

    The new device is the first Juniper Systems handheld to feature a capacitive touchscreen for improved response and ruggedness. The Archer 2 also includes a glove-friendly numeric keypad for rapid data entry, a feature which many Juniper Systems customers highly value. Like other Juniper Systems handhelds, the Archer 2 is built to very strict standards at its ISO 9001:2008-certified facility, having been tested to MIL-STD-810G and given a top IP68 rating for dust and water.

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    Starting at $1,650.00

    ID: CFG-JS-AR2
  • Spectra Precision T41 Data Collectors

    The Spectra Precision® T41™ Data Collector is rugged, powerful, connected and compact, offering high performance with a high-resolution outdoor readable display. The slim, ergonomic design is easy to hold and enables all-day use. A new capacitive touch-screen protected by Gorilla® Glass provides intuitive and responsive finger-tip touch capability. The T41 handheld has 3.75G cellular data capabilities for use with VRS networks, plus cellular voice and SMS capabilities. The 8-megapixel camera can be set to automatically include time and location data from the integrated GPS receiver.

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    As low as: $2,599.00

    ID: BNDL-SPN-T41
  • Getac Handheld Data Collector

    Getac PS236 rugged handheld data collector

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    ID: GMX-789351
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