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  1. Leica SmartWorx Viva Software

    Leica SmartWorx Viva Software License Key Learn More

    ID: LGS-767909
  2. $500.00

    ID: LGS-778083
  3. $1,500.00

    ID: LGS-778084
  4. $500.00

    ID: LGS-778086
  5. $500.00

    ID: LGS-778087
  6. $750.00

    ID: LGS-784130
  7. MicroSurvey FieldGenius

    FieldGenius has evolved into the most powerful and productive data collection software in the land surveying market. Code-free linework, smart points, and live graphics make FieldGenius the choice of organizations that value productivity.
    • Code-free linework
    • Best-in-class user interface
    • Works on more displays/devices
    • Productivity tasks
    • Calculation tools
    • Part of the perfect workflow
    FieldGenius works with many GPS receivers and on a multitude of handheld data collectors. We believe you shouldn't have to buy all new equipment just to upgrade one component.
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    Starting at $495.00

  8. Carlson Survey 2020 IntelliCAD

    Carlson Survey gives users upgrades to core features like the coordinate database, Field-to-Finish coding and cut sheets, as well as new commands, including one to twist points to a 3D view, among its many additional improvements.

    Here’s a surveying software solution that is extremely versatile as well as a real time- and money-saver. As it always has, Carlson Survey works like a surveyor thinks.

    The #1 office software solution for surveyors in the United States, Carlson Survey supports AutoCAD® and comes with IntelliCAD® built-in. This is in addition to working on legacy AutoCAD versions.

    Carlson Survey delivers on customer feature requests with many useful improvements to existing commands along with many new commands. The user-interface also has a fresh look with a score of new and updated icons, plus an optional ribbon toolbar.

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  9. MicroSurvey CAD

    Powered by IntelliCAD®, field to finish has never been this easy. Available in 5 different editions, MicroSurvey CAD is the design solution engineered especially for surveyors.

    Complete survey drafting, COGO, DTM, traversing, volumes, contouring, point cloud, and data collection device interfacing. MicroSurvey CAD is compatible with field data from all major total stations and data collectors and is fully compatible with AutoCAD.

    MicroSurvey CAD Standard and Premium are bundled with MicroSurvey inCAD. Ultimate edition includes surveyor tools plus point cloud processing, and Studio includes everything plus animation capabilities.

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    Starting at $995.00

  10. MicroSurvey inCAD

    MicroSurvey inCAD transforms AutoCAD® into a survey and design powerhouse while maintaining a fully integrated user interface within AutoCAD.

    Surveyors need tools to help them compute coordinates, balance traverses, annotate drawings, compute areas – and the list goes on. Adding inCAD to your existing copy of AutoCAD is like switching from measuring with a chain to measuring with an EDM. After a few months you'll wonder how you ever worked without it!

    MicroSurvey is an Autodesk authorized developer. MicroSurvey inCAD runs on AutoCAD 2012 & 2013 and uses DWG as its native format. The command set, toolbar and menu structure remain unchanged, with exception to a plethora of MicroSurvey tools added to the main menu.

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    Starting at $1,495.00


Items 1 to 10 of 26 total

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