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Leica GPR121 Pro Precision Circular Prism with Holder and Target Plate

The range of a prism is due in part to its coating and the glass geometry. A number of original prisms from Leica Geosystems have a special coating on the reflective surfaces – the anti-reflective coating – and a copper coating on the reverse side. Without these, the range of distance measuring, ATR and PowerSearch would be reduced by up to 30%. The workmanship and the durability of the copper coating are decisive for a long life. The glass dimensions, the position in the holder and the areal orientation are important for measuring accuracy.

Leica Geosystems prisms are manufactured from glass of the highest quality and furnished with optical coatings so that even under the most extreme environmental conditions, a long lifetime and maximum range of the highest accuracy can be achieved.

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Now only: $343.95

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Leica GPR121 Pro Precision Circular Prism with Holder and Target Plate Zoom



Precision circular prism with anti-reflective coating, mounted in metal holder. Supplied with removable target plate. Centering accuracy 1.0mm, range 3,500m (11,500ft).

Additional Information

APE ITEM # 106770
Manufacturer ID 641617
Manufacturer Leica Geosystems
Shape Circular
Diameter 62 mm
Type Copper coated
Onboard Circular Bubble No
Centering Accuracy (mm) 1.0
Holder/Assembly Single Tilt Assembly
Constant/Offset 0
Target Material Metal
Holder Material Metal
Available Target Color(s) Yellow/Blk
Available Holder Color(s) Black
Accessories Target
Range 11,500 ft (3500 m)

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