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USED Carlson Surveyor2 with SurvCE TS & Robotic


From the carefully selected, textured buttons which click with just the right amount of feedback, to the slope of the contours that mimic so perfectly the shape of the human hand, every last detail of the Allegro 2™ was painstakingly honed to provide you with unparalleled speed and precision. The Allegro 2 maintains Juniper Systems’ reputation for reliability while offering new features and advancements to make data collection easier than ever.

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USED Carlson Surveyor2 with SurvCE TS & Robotic Zoom


USED Carlson Surveyor2 with SurvCE TS & Robotic Fast, Durable and Powerful The speed you need! The reliability you deserve! The Carlson Surveyor 2 is even more rugged than its popular predecessor — IP68 water & dustproof; shock resistant. Still just 2 pounds and the QWERTY keyboard speeds data entry. Comes with a larger, brighter display screen with a higher resolution, easier-to-read color display with scratch-resistant glass. Specifications Faster Processor — More on-board storage space — now 8GB; and 1.0 GHz processor Long-Range Bluetooth — Up to 1500 feet paired with class I device Extended Battery Life — Up to 20 hours Completely Ruggedized – IP68 water & dust resistant! More Memory – Up to 8 gigabytes Easy to Hold and Control – Just 2 pounds! Key size & location optimized for precise handling Back Lit Keyboard – Easily see your keys in low-light conditions Longer Battery Life – Up to 20 hours

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