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Construction Lasers

Allen Precision Products offers a range of construction lasers that play a pivotal role in enhancing their customers' construction projects. These construction lasers provide precision and efficiency by aiding in tasks like grading, alignment, layout, and excavation. With advanced features and technology, including self-leveling capabilities and remote control options, these lasers ensure accuracy and reduce labor-intensive manual measurements. They empower construction professionals to streamline their workflows, minimize errors, and achieve precise results in applications such as site preparation, concrete pouring, and structural alignment. By delivering reliable and high-performance construction laser solutions, Allen Precision Products enables their customers to save time, reduce costs, and improve the overall quality of their construction projects.

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About Construction Lasers

Construction lasers are specialized tools used in construction projects to provide precise measurements and alignments. The primary purpose of construction lasers is to enhance accuracy and efficiency in various tasks, including leveling, grading, and layout. By emitting highly visible laser beams over long distances, these lasers enable construction professionals to achieve consistent and reliable results, reducing human errors and ensuring project success. Their user-friendly interfaces and adaptability make them essential for improving productivity and quality on construction sites, making tasks faster, safer, and more streamlined. 

Rotary Laser Levels

Rotary laser levels are advanced construction tools used to project a 360-degree laser beam onto surfaces. They facilitate precise and accurate leveling, aligning, and measuring tasks in construction and surveying projects. 

Grade Lasers 

Grade lasers, also known as slope lasers or grading lasers, are specialized construction tools used to establish accurate and consistent slopes or grades on various surfaces. 

Pipe Lasers

Pipe lasers are specialized construction tools used in underground utility and pipe-laying projects. These lasers are designed to be inserted into pipes and emit a laser beam in a specific direction.

Machine Control Receivers

Machine control receivers, also known as grade control receivers or laser receivers, are devices used in construction and earthmoving equipment to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of grading and leveling operations.