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Robotic Total Stations

Allen Precision Equipment is a renowned provider of top-quality surveying and construction instruments. They offer a diverse range of total stations, which are essential tools for accurate and efficient land surveying and construction tasks. The total stations provided by Allen Precision Equipment can be categorized into different classes, each tailored to specific project requirements. These categories may include entry-level total stations suitable for basic surveying needs, mid-range models with enhanced features for more complex projects, and high-end total stations equipped with cutting-edge technology for advanced surveying applications. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and industry expertise, Allen Precision Equipment is a trusted source for professionals seeking reliable total stations to improve precision and productivity on their projects. 

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About Total Stations

Total stations are sophisticated surveying instruments used by professionals in engineering, construction, and land surveying. Combining the functions of a theodolite and an electronic distance meter (EDM), these devices utilize laser or infrared technology to measure precise angles and distances to specific points. Total stations provide accurate data for tasks such as land surveying, construction layout, and mapping, enhancing efficiency and precision compared to traditional methods. 

Robotic Total Stations

Robotic total stations, offered by Allen Precision Equipment, are cutting-edge surveying instruments equipped with advanced automation features. These state-of-the-art devices streamline the surveying process by allowing a single operator to control the total station remotely using a handheld controller or a data collector.


Multistations in surveying are advanced and versatile instruments that combine the capabilities of a total station with 3D laser scanning technology. These cutting-edge devices provide surveyors with the ability to capture high-density point cloud data of the surrounding environment, enabling detailed 3D modeling and analysis. Let APE help you make the right decision for your business!

Manual Total Stations 

Discover the reliability and accuracy of manual total stations at Allen Precision Equipment. These advanced surveying instruments offer precise angle and distance measurements for a wide range of applications. With user-friendly interfaces and robust construction, manual total stations are ideal for land surveying, construction layout, and boundary marking. 


Experience seamless control and enhanced efficiency with total station controllers at Allen Precision Equipment. These advanced devices are designed to work in perfect harmony with total stations, empowering surveyors with intuitive interfaces and cutting-edge technology. Whether you need handheld controllers for on-the-go convenience or powerful data collectors for comprehensive surveying tasks, Allen Precision Equipment has a wide range of total station controllers to suit your needs.